Our Story

Brasa de Brazil is a truly unique concept revolving around “Churrascaria” in Portuguese
translated as “Live grilling”. This five star restaurant has proven to be very popular and
growing within the region. The first Brasa restaurant was established in 2007 in the
Middle-East in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to start the pursuit for a culinary voyage by
sharing Brazil’s culture and evolving the Brazilian steakhouse concept.

Our management and operations team, over the years have invested a substantial
amount of time and resources within research, development, sourcing and store
concept to ensure the optimal and true Brazilian experience is offered to our clients.

Brasa de Brazil’s authentic experience resonates as an exciting and pleasurable
moment with anyone who has tried our concept since the first time. Our love for the
natural tastes of Brazil are the essence of our unique culinary voyage. Your journey to
Brazil’s most authentic flavors begins here!

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